Our Recent Projects

Cristal, Bunbury WA – June 2017 to January 2018.

  • Maintenance and repair of 1 x 2MVA 22kV/6.6kV and 1 x 500kVA 6.6kV/415V transformers.

  • Test and commission NER Bank and 22kV RMU

  • Perform oil streamlining on 500kVA 6.6kV/420V outdoor transformer.

  • Test and commission 22kV auto recloser.

BHP Leinster, Leinster WA – February 2018.

Locate and repair cable fault on 3 phase 11kV XLPE cable:

  • Use cable fault locating test gear to find cable fault.

  • Cut out damaged section of cable and do cable joints

BHP MAC Water Treatment Plant, Nandi WA – June 2017.

  • Earthing system testing.

  • Commission and test Main LV switchboard.

  • Commission and test Main Substation.


40 Mega Watt 22kV/415V temporary Power Station, BHP Yandi, WA – August/September 2016.

Power station testing/commissioning and HV cable terminating: 

  • Inspection and maintenance of 5 x 22kV Substations and 1 x 22kV Switch Room.

  • Carry out 22 kV cable terminations.

  • VLF and insulation resistance testing of all HV cables.

  • Hipot and relay protection testing of the main 22kV switch room.

  • Relay protection testing of 5 x 4MVA substations – primary/secondary injection.

  • Turns Ratio, Winding Resistance, Insulation Resistance and Polarisation Index testing of 10 x 2MVA transformers.

  • Secondary injection testing of 20 x LV air circuit breaker relays.

  • Contact Resistance testing of all HV and LV terminations.